Frequently Asked Questions

What If I am Not Flexible?
If you are not flexible, then Original Hot Yoga was designed exactly for you. The heat will be your best friend. It will allow you to stretch safely. And the beauty of Original Hot Yoga is that it is not a competition – all you have to do is try your best to do each posture the right way and you will get 100% of the benefits.
How Many Times Per Week Should I Take Class?
In the beginning, take class six days per week for two months until you are performing all but the very difficult poses such as the Standing Bow Pulling and Stretching Pose eighty percent correctly. If you are restricted by any medical condition or have any chronic disease, you should continue daily until your condition is resolved. Even when your progress is measured in fractions of inches that add excellence to what is already good, rather than in bold strokes, like being able to balance on one leg for ten seconds, you should continue your Yoga practice daily. How valuable is this Yoga habit? Look at someone who has been doing it for twenty or thirty years. You will never be able to guess their age. They have become timeless.
What Is Happening In My Body During An Original Hot Yoga Class?
Muscles are contracted and stretched at a cellular, biochemical level. Lipids and proteins reorganize optimally in such stretching, allowing for better circulation. Joint mobility and range of motion are increased, and strength is built by the use of gravity. Muscles and joints are balanced. Blood and calcium are brought to the bones. Working against gravity strengthens the bones. The organs of the immune system within the bones (red marrow) are boosted. The lymph nodes are massaged, lymph is pumped throughout the body, and white blood cells are distributed throughout the body as the lymphatic system works more efficiently. There are both compression and extension to the thymus, spleen, appendix, and intestines; lungs are stretched and flushed out by increased blood circulation. The endocrine glands are encouraged to secrete appropriate hormones, and the communication between hormones and various glands and systems of the body is perfected. Toxins and waste are eliminated through the organs of elimination. The nerves are stimulated by compression and extension, improving communication within the systems of the body and supplying fresh blood, oxygen, and nutrients throughout. The brain is stimulated by improved circulation and by varying blood pressure.

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